The photos here are a few to show some of the things we come across during a routine inspection. I have gigabytes of photos from over the years that I have saved. I  sincerely hope that the home you are interested in does not contain some of the defects shown, but if it does our inspecting system should uncover them. The more defects that we find the more money that you save. The goal is to make sure that everything is operational at the time of inspection, that the home is structurally and mechanically sound and most importantly that the home is safe to live in.


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This photo shows the presence of knob and tube wiring mixed with newer wiring. Knob and tube wiring is a much older style of wiring that is still found active in many homes.

This receptacle has sure signs of arcing and over heating. Obviously the people living here did not think this could be dangerous as they allowed it to happen at both halves.

This deck had considerable decay and will need to be replaced.

Melted insulation on wiring is a definite sign that something is wrong. Not all inspectors open the electrical panel so how would they find this?

This chimney was missing rain caps, had a cracked crown and visibly loose mortar. Service was recommended, the seller had no idea of its true condition.

Wet crawl spaces are all too common, after all how often does anyone go in there.

This roof had large cracks in the surface material and needed to be replaced. It was lucky that it had not started to leak to the interior yet.

Generally a person cannot see inside the furnace unless they take the covers off. This one was in poor condition. The excessive rust indicates a potential danger to the occupants.