Don't Get Caught Off Guard: Common Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid in Vancouver, BC

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever make. It's crucial to protect your investment and ensure you're aware of any potential issues before signing on the dotted line. Enter the home inspection – a vital step in the process. But even with a professional inspecting the property, mistakes can happen.

Here are some common home inspection mistakes to avoid in 2024:

**1. Skipping the Inspection Altogether:** This is a BIG no-no. Even if you're in love with the house, a home inspection can reveal hidden problems that could end up costing you thousands in repairs down the road.

**2. Choosing the Cheapest Inspector:** While price is a factor, don't solely focus on getting the lowest bid. Opt for an experienced inspector with good credentials and a proven track record. Ask for references and check online reviews.

**3. Not Being Present During the Inspection:** Being there allows you to ask questions, point out specific concerns, and gain valuable insight into the property's condition.

**4. Ignoring the Report:** Don't just skim the surface. Carefully read the entire report and understand any issues identified. Ask your inspector to clarify any confusing terms and discuss potential solutions.

**5. Failing to Negotiate:** The inspection may reveal issues that require repairs. Don't be afraid to use the report to negotiate a lower price or ask the seller to address certain problems before closing.

**6. Not Considering Environmental Factors:** Beyond the structure, consider environmental factors like potential flooding, soil conditions, and proximity to hazardous materials. A well-rounded inspector will look for these factors.

**7. Neglecting Pre-Inspection Preparation:** Before the inspection, take the time to walk through the house. Note any existing issues and prepare a list of specific questions for the inspector.

**8. Not Following Up:** After the inspection, contact your inspector if you have any further questions. Also, consider getting a second opinion from another inspector to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

**9. Letting Emotions Cloud Your Judgment:** Buying a home can be an emotional experience. It's crucial to remain objective throughout the inspection process and make decisions based on the facts presented in the report.

**10. Forgetting to Review Recent Maintenance Records:** Ask the seller for any recent maintenance records, such as HVAC servicing or roof repairs. This can shed light on potential issues and help you make an informed decision.

**Investing in a comprehensive home inspection is an investment in your future:**

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure a smoother home buying experience, protect your investment, and avoid costly surprises down the road. Remember, a thorough inspection empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of buying a home with confidence.


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Strata controlled properties may have restricted access to areas such as: Roof, Electrical room, elevator room, boiler room, ammenities room, storage lockers, parking, etc... if access is available during your inspection, A-Z will examine these areas.

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