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Buyers Inspection

If you have an accepted offer to purchase your dream home please allow A-Z Home Inspections 3 to 4 hours going through everything. We will make sure your new home is safe and sound and report the deficiencies to you in both written form and photos. The more we find the more money you save.

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Pre Listing Inspections

An advantage to you is knowing what is wrong with your home before it goes up for sale. A-Z Home Inspections can find any major or minor deficiencies. This will allow you the time to fix the issues or get quotations for repairs before an offer is made. This type of inspection can help stop price reductions at the negotiation table.

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Warranty Inspections

Have your brand new home checked out before the 1st year warranty expires usually in the 11th month. Most home owners are surprised at the deficiencies I find on new construction, sometimes builders and trades people can make mistakes during the process. A-Z Home Inspections can also check that repair work has been done correctly. A safe home is a happy home:)